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Bullying Resources from the California State Department of Education [downloadable]

bullying334These frequently asked questions about bullying are extracted from key concepts presented in the California Department of Education’s publication titled Bullying at School (PDF)They are easy to adapt and provide information for educators, students, families, and community safety partners who wish to educate themselves and others about effective measures to prevent bullying and respond to it.

What are the consequences of school bullying?
What can a school community do about bullying?
What can teachers do about classroom bulling?
What can students do about school bullying?
What can parents of young children do about school bullying?
What can parents of teens do about school bullying?
What can community partners do about bullying?
How can a caring adult work with a bully?
How can a school community promote an anti-bullying climate?
What is cyber bullying?
What can parents do to promote safe use of the Internet?

Download the 52-page booklet, Bullying at School, here. You may also be interested in CDE’s bullying publications and resources list for educators, parents, and community members.

Source: California Department of Education |Bullying Frequently Asked Questions, https://www.cde.ca.gov/ls/ss/se/bullyfaq.asp | last reviewed October 2018

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