California Department of Education Bullying Resources for Educators [downloadable]

The California Department of Education’s Online Bullying Training Module and Bullying Module are intended to assist all school staff, school administrators, parents, pupils, and community members in increasing their knowledge of the dynamics of bullying.

The Online Bullying Training Module presentation and Bullying Module identify acts of bullying, and suggest strategies to address bullying. The Bullying Module covers the following:

Chapter 1 What Is Bullying?
Chapter 2 What Is Cyberbullying and How Can We Address It?
Chapter 3 What Roles Do Students Play?
Chapter 4 Where Does Bullying Occur?
Chapter 5 How Do We Prevent Bullying?
Chapter 6 How Do We Respond to Bullying?
Chapter 7 Bullying and Students with Disabilities
Chapter 8 Bullying and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning Youth

Download these free resources: Online Bullying Training Module (PPTX) and Bullying Module (DOCX)

See the California Department of Education’s Bullying Publications & Resources for more free publications and resources, including community-based organizations, for educators, parents, and community members with tools for recognizing bullying behavior and approaches for determining how to respond.

Source: California Department of Education | Bullying Publications & Resources, | © California Department of Education. Public domain.

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