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Gender Spectrum [web resource]

Gender Spectrumgenderspectrum 541 is a nonprofit organization that helps to create gender sensitive and inclusive environments for all children and youth.

Explore the issues related to gender and learn the impact gender inclusiveness and diversity can have on children and teens. Articles are organized under the following topics:

  • Parenting and Family: Every family is unique, with different family dynamics, as well as cultural, social, and religious influences. Learn more about how these influences can affect the children in your life.
  • Teens: The number of new experiences, emotions, relationships, and expectations can be overwhelming for any teen. Add gender into the mix, and it gets considerably more confusing.
  • Education: One basic area of student diversity that schools rarely acknowledge is gender. However, gender inclusive schools and classrooms welcoming all children are within any school community’s reach.
  • Medical: Often the first place parents go as they try to understand and help their Gender-expansive child is a medical professional. This places physicians and nurses in a critically important position.
  • Mental Health: For Gender-expansive youth and their families, mental health professionals have an exceptionally important role helping them in navigating their experiences.
  • Legal: As families grapple with raising Gender-expansive or Transgender children, legal issues are some of the most unsettling challenges they encounter.
  • Social Services: Social service agencies work best when they employ informed, evidence-based policies rather than practices based on personal biases or lack of understanding.
  • Faith: When providing spiritual counsel to Gender-expansive young people, faith and spirituals leaders must balance traditions and beliefs with love, justice, and humility.

    More to Explore

Check out Gender Spectrum’s resources section. Resources including how-to guides, research, sample training materials, books, Spanish-language materials, and more, are available for each of the topics above.

Learn about the array of services designed to help families, schools, professionals, and organizations understand and address concepts of Gender identity and expression.

Stay connected by joining the Gender Spectrum Lounge, a space for teens, parents, and professionals.

Learn more about Gender Spectrum: info@genderspectrum.org

Do you need someone to talk to? CHC can help. We invite you to call or email our Clinical Services Coordinators at 650.688.3625 or careteam@chconline.org to set up a free 30-minute consultation.

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