Removing the Stigma

anxiety eyesWhat does it feel like to have a child with mental illness?

“When our daughter was diagnosed with OCD and clinical depression at age 12, we discussed treatment options with the psychiatrist. At first, we were wary of medication, as most parents are. “If your child had type 1 diabetes, wouldn’t you give her insulin?” the doctor asked. “This is a disease—in fact it’s a life threatening disease. Medication is required. And so is regular therapy.”

And that was the beginning of our journey to understanding that our daughter has an illness, it needs to be treated, and she requires ongoing special care.”

“Removing the Stigma” is one mother’s story about her teen daughter who has Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), ADHD, depression and anxiety.

Read the full post on the Girls Leadership website to learn more about this family’s experience.

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