The GenderCool Project [web resource]

GenderCoolProject121The GenderCool Project is a national storytelling campaign that seeks to reach every corner of the country with positive and powerful stories about who transgender kids and their peer allies are rather than what they are.   build understanding through storytelling about the accomplishments of these remarkable young leaders.Launched on February 20, 2018, the GenderCool Project is the brainchild of two Chicago area women, Jen Grosshandler, who is the mother of a transgender child, and Gearah Goldstein, a family friend who is a transgender woman.

Rather than offering resources to navigate gender transition,  GenderCool celebrates kids for who they are. The mission, says Goldstein, is, “”Sharing positivity in the community so that people can see based on their experiences, who they are and not what they are.” The website highlights five teens—referred to as champions—from all over the country.

Read The New York Times article about the GenderCool Project. Listen to 11-year-old Chazzie Grosshandler share her story on Megyn Kelly Today.

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