5 Benefits of SEL in Classrooms

Social-emotional learning (SEL) has become a large part of the discussion around what belongs in classrooms, mainly because putting SEL in classrooms opens up a door to new opportunities for students to learn how to support themselves and others.

When students have access to SEL in classrooms, they learn to regulate their own emotions while at the same time becoming aware of other students and those students’ different experiences and needs.

These skills help students as they move through school, but they also help them long after they leave the classroom, because SEL gives students the skills they need to successfully navigate a world full of people from different backgrounds and with different beliefs.

If your school is considering curriculum or resources to put SEL in classrooms, here’s just a sampling of where SEL can have a large–and positive–impact on students.

5 ways SEL in classrooms can benefit students

  1. SEL in classrooms helps educators address trauma. When trauma goes unacknowledged by caring adults, students can feel suffocated by the burden of their experience.
  2. By teaching SEL in classrooms, students learn how to manage their own stress and anxiety.
  3. SEL in classrooms can be combined with technology to give students new learning experiences focused on different cultures and ways of life. When our students are able to meet students who look, learn, and live differently than they do, eyes open and perspectives change.
  4. SEL helps everyone, from students up to educators and administrators, create culturally-inclusive classrooms.
  5. SEL in classrooms can help address gender stereotypes in age-appropriate ways. showed that kids who are fed gender stereotypes may internalize those roles, shaping their behavior for years to come.

Excerpted from “5 Benefits of SEL in Classrooms” published in eSchool News. Read the full article for additional details on the benefits of SEL.

Source: eSchool News | 5 Benefits of SEL in Classrooms,  https://www.eschoolnews.com/2019/09/19/5-benefits-of-sel-in-classrooms | Copyright 2019 eSchoolMedia & eSchool News

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