Assistive Technology Tools for Learning Differences, ADHD, and Executive Function Challenges [web resource]

For many students with differing abilities, assistive technology provides a bridge to overcome barriers to participation and progress in school.

Certified Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) and a Rehabilitation Engineering Technologist (RET) Shelley Haven curated the Assistive Technology Toolbox, a resource page in which she lists effective tools for learning differences, ADHD and executive functioning challenges.

Assistive Technology Toolbox

The resource collection includes tools in the following categories:

  • Recorded (human-narrated) Audiobooks
  • Simple text-to-speech (TTS), E-readers with text-to-speech and other reading tools
  • Read, Write and Study Software Suites (also called Literacy and Learning Suites)
  • Resources for Alternatives to Printed Text – Electronic Text (E-text) and Narrated Audiobooks
  • Graphic Organizers and “Idea Processors” – Outliner, Mind Map, and Table Software
  • Speech recognition (speech-to-text)
  • Assorted Reading Supports
  • Assorted Writing Supports
  • Taking Notes and Organizing Knowledge
  • Math and Science Notation, Graphing, and Drawing
  • Math Concepts
  • Math Problem Solving and Processes
  • Assorted Aids for Managing Digital Distractions
  • Assorted Aids for Attention and Executive Functioning
  • Assorted Aids to Support Mental Health and Wellness

Each listing includes:

  • Brief description
  • Link to the product website
  • Availability by platform (Windows, Mac, Chrome, iOS/iPadOS, Android, and/or online)
  • Links to additional info about the tools and how to operate them (e.g., instructions and video tutorials).

The resource list is updated regularly. Bookmark the Assistive Technology Toolbox so you’ll have ready access to the latest version.

Source: Technology to Unlock Potential | Assistive Technology Tools for Learning Differences, ADHD, and Executive Function Challenges, | Copyright © 2008-2023 Rachael M. Haven, ATP, RET. Last revised January 2023
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