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The Impact of Puberty on Mental Health

Puberty can be a challenging time, but with guidance, parents can help their children navigate it with resilience and strength. Drawing on insights and the expertise of CHC Doctoral Psychology intern, Emma Lecarie, this Voices of Compassion podcast episode provides practical advice for parents navigating this transitional period with their children. Read more ›

Mental Health in the Asian American Community

In this Voices of Compassion podcast episode, CHC, licensed psychologist, Dr. Emily Hsu and licensed clinical social worker, Thuy Tran talk about the unique challenges and stigma surrounding mental health and the Asian American community. Read more ›

Fostering Teen Mental Health and Well-Being [video]

Adolescence is a time of emerging independence, growth, and vulnerability.  Adolescents are also faced with an array of risk factors that can impede their progress and shape their journey.

In this community education presentation, CHC’s Pardis Khosravi, Psy.D., talks about adolescent development, influences, stressors, and  how parents and caregivers can support them on their journey and nurture resilience. Read more ›

Parent Burnout [video][presentation]

In this community education presentation, CHC’s Cassandra Sanchez, PsyD, discusses parent burnout— what it is, the signs to watch for, contributing factors, why it’s important to address these feelings, and what you can do about it.

The material is presented in English and Spanish. Read more ›

Preparing for Adolescence

Adolescence is a period of growth in which youth are discovering who they are and where they belong. In this insightful Voices of Compassion episode, we discuss the dynamic and sometimes challenging journey of parenting adolescents. Read more ›

Navigating Divorce with Your Children

Conflict within relationships is natural. What happens when this conflict occurs within a family and ends up in separation or divorce? Join us as we explore effective communication strategies with children during this challenging time, emphasizing the importance of fostering open dialogue and understanding and offer insights into how to create a supportive environment for children to express their emotions. Read more ›

Desmitificar la Salud Mental (Demystifying Mental Health)

Welcome to this special Voices of Compassion episode focused on mental health within the Latinx community!

Dr. Joan Baran is joined by CHC colleagues and psychologists Dr. Melina Foden and Dr. Emily Hsu as they explore how culture and traditions impact perceptions about mental health in Latinx families and how these influences impact seeking help when needed.

En este episodio de Voices of Compassion, Dra. Joan Baran tiene una conversación con colegas y psicólogas de CHC, Dra. Melina Foden y Dra. Emily Hsu en la que exploran cómo la cultura y las tradiciones impactan las percepciones sobre la salud mental en las familias latinas y cómo estas influencias impactan buscando ayuda cuando es necesario.
Read more ›

My Child Is a Strong Reader But Struggles with Writing. How Can I Help?

by Julie Abbott Olsen, MA, CCC-SLP, Speech and Language Pathologist, CHC

Reading and writing are closely related skills, and they often go hand-in-hand— that is, they support each other in language development. However, they are also distinct skills with some differences. If your child seems to be struggling, identifying the specific difficulties that your child is experiencing will guide you to the type of support your child needs. Read more ›

The Emergent Bilingual Experience

In today’s Voices of Compassion episode, we celebrate the power of bilingualism as a strength rather than a challenge. Join us in a conversation with doctoral psychology intern at CHC, Chelsea Yanuaria. Chelsea is a mental health professional who provides a unique lens on the journey of emergent bilingual individuals, highlighting the unique advantages and strengths that come with navigating multiple languages and cultures. Read more ›

Nurturing the Holiday Spirit: Tips for Supporting Children with Autism

by Pardis Khosravi, PsyD, Clinical Director, Catherine T. Harvey Center for Clinical Services, CHC

The holiday season is a time filled with excitement, warmth, and joy, but it can also present challenges for children with autism. As we navigate this festive time, it’s essential to approach it with sensitivity and understanding. Read more ›

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