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Erika’s Lighthouse is a not-for-profit dedicated to educating and raising awareness about adolescent depression, encouraging good mental health and breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

Teenage depression thrives in isolation. It feeds on silence. It lives in the darkness. Erika’s Lighthouse was formed to create a community of empathy and education and provide practical, easy-to-use tools for teens, educators and parents.

Parent Handbook on Childhood and Teen Depression

Many parents don’t know the signs of teen depression or where to turn for help. Understanding exactly what’s going on with your child, finding the right treatment, dealing with the schools, negotiating insurance issues – all are challenges that parents face when their child is suffering from depression. This free handbook is designed to help – with practical ideas written in an easy to read style. A Spanish-language version is also available.

Teen Depression Toolbox

Worrying that you or someone you love has depression can be overwhelming. You are not alone. Hope and help is possible and it all starts with a little education.

Dialogue is the best way to reduce the stigma of adolescent depression. Student-powered awareness is the most effective way to encourage communication. Erika’s Lighthouse is proud to help students run awareness campaigns that empower, educate and reduce stigma.

Classroom Programs

Free teen depression awareness programs designed to create discussion in your classrooms.  These videos, lesson plans, and questions allow educators to adapt materials according to the needs of their school so that we can forge a healthy environment for students to talk to educators, and to each other. Learn more about The Erika’s Lighthouse Program: Depression Awareness for Middle School Students and The Erika’s Lighthouse Program: Depression and Suicide Awareness for High School Students.

Resource Portal

Create an account and sign in to gain access to the full library of free videos, print materials, and other resources for your school. Once logged in, you will have access to all of the programs and materials at no cost, including the High School Program, Middle School Program, Depression Awareness Campaign and Teen Club resources.

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About Erika’s Lighthouse: When Ginny and Tom Neuckranz lost their beautiful daughter Erika to teenage depression, they turned her suffering into hope for other families. Erika’s loss was a rallying point for a community in pain, and one that is dedicated to helping make sure every child, every school, and every community is aware of adolescent depression.

A screening can help you determine if you or someone you care about should contact a mental health professional. Care Managers can arrange a free 30 minute Care Consultation so you can explore options with an expert. Call or email our Care Managers at 650.688.3625 or to set up an initial Consultation appointment.

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