In ‘We’re Not Broken,’ Author Eric Garcia Takes On Myths About Autism

Whether you know it or not, you know somebody who is autistic.

So if you think autism doesn’t affect you, you’re wrong, says Eric Garcia, a senior Washington correspondent for The Independent. Garcia is the author of the book We’re Not Broken: Changing the Autism Conversation.

The book was written partly out of frustration — frustration over the media’s coverage of autism, frustration over the myth surrounding autism, and the policies that have been shaped by society’s misconceptions.

Garcia’s autistic and knows the consequence of such policies first hand. Policies that he says have wrongfully focused on finding a cure for autism. Something he says Autistic people don’t want and never asked for. His book asks: instead of trying to prioritize trying to ‘fix’ autistic people, what can we do to make their lives better?

We’re Not Broken is a lyrical mix of myth-busting, memoir, history, field interviews, and straight-up advice on how to better understand the autism spectrum, how to talk about it, and why it impacts every one of us.

Garcia spoke with NPR’s Life Kit about the wide range of autistic experiences and how to help your autistic loved one live their most fulfilling life (spoiler alert: just ask).

Excerpted from “In ‘We’re Not Broken,’ Author Eric Garcia Takes On Myths About Autism” on NPR‘s Life Kit. Read the full article online for interview highlights.

Listen to the 22-minute podcast below:

Source: NPR | In ‘We’re Not Broken,’ Author Eric Garcia Takes On Myths About Autism, | © 2021 npr

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