These Phrases May Be Code Words for “I’m Anxious”

As children, it can often be difficult to effectively communicate what we’re feeling.

What’s wrong with me?
Can’t we stay home?
Don’t leave me.

We might think whatever’s going on in our head is “normal,” so asking for help never even crosses our minds. Or maybe because we didn’t quite understand what was going on, we did the best we could in those moments of struggle to “reach out” in our own little ways.

Not until we’re older and looking back do we realize we’ve probably been trying to combat our anxiety for quite some time now, and that people — ourselves included — just didn’t really know what the “signs” were.

The Mighty, a digital health community created to empower and connect people facing health challenges and disabilities, shares things that they said as children that others may not have realized were code words for “I’m anxious.” Read more about what the community had to say in the article “14 Phrases Kids Said That Were Code Words for ‘I’m Anxious'” and more on this topic on The Mighty’s Facebook page.

Source: The Mighty |14 Phrases Kids Said That Were Code Words for ‘I’m Anxious’, | © 2018 Mighty Proud Media, Inc.

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