SanaMente: California’s Mental Health Website and Resources for Latinos [web resource]

SanaMente132SanaMente is California’s Mental Health Movement website for the Latino community.

Latinos are one of the groups least likely to seek help for mental illness due to reasons which include language fluency, cultural barriers and access to health coverage. SanaMente is dedicated to providing the Spanish speaking communities with the tools and resources to support mental health well-being.

SanaMente’s resources include:

  • A website where you can learn about the 5 common mental health challenges faced in the Latino community. These include depression, anxiety, suicide prevention, trauma, and substance abuse.
  • Guía de apoyo para la salud mental: a mental health support guide with tips and resources for achieving mental wellness. This support guide can be downloaded and printed for you to share with your family, friends, and community.
  • SanaMente Fotonovelas and Activity Guides: The SanaMente fotonovelas have helped introduce concepts about mental health challenges and encourage acceptance through relatable characters and storylines that engage Latino audiences.  Activity guides for each fotonovela storyline can help you start conversations about mental health with your loved ones and members of your community.
  • Mental Health Fact Sheet: Depression and substance use are two mental health challenges highlighted in the first SanaMente Mental Health Fact Sheet. In this double-sided fact sheet, you will find the symptoms and services available to treat these mental health challenges. The fact sheet can be easily downloaded and printed for you to reference or distribute in your community.
  • SanaMente “Myths vs. Facts” poster: The SanaMente poster dispels the common misconceptions Spanish speakers have about living with a mental health challenge.  SanaMente encourages you to print the poster and display it in your home, office, or community center.

Visit the SanaMente website to view these resources and more.  The English-language version of California’s Mental Health Movement website is called Each Mind Matters. Learn more:

Each Mind Matters [web resource]

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A screening can help you determine if you or someone you care about should contact a mental health professional. Care Coordinators can arrange a free 30 minute Care Consultation so you can explore options with an expert. Call or email our Care Coordinators at 650.688.3625 or to set up an initial Consultation appointment.

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